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ONLINE RESERVATION MANAGEMENT - Offered via partnership with ResSoft
  • Take secure online reservations
  • Provide professional rental agreements via PDF..no need for you to draw up each contract
  • We can process credit card payments directly thru Paypal, or other merchants of your choice
  • Professional availability calendars, flexible rate setup
  • Personal website integration option.

What features are available using the reservation management software?
First and foremost, ResSoft automatically maintains your availability calendars for every property...no more double bookings! ResSoft will remove availability after a confirmation and can replace during transfers or cancellations. The entire lifecycle of a reservation is maintained in ResSoft and thorough communication standards are in place to keep your tenants apprised of any actions performed such as a new payment collection, initial and final confirmations, cancellations, transfers, directions, ect. ResSoft can also send your rental agreement or lease via emailed PDF for signature online or to be faxed or mailed in return depending on your state laws.

One of the most overlooked aspect of Vacation Rental Management software is Website Integration. Beyond our Secure online reservations, ResSoft has many tools to make your website cleaner and easier to navigate. Online users want a quick way to find their desired property. ResSoft offers you custom search options, regional search filters, and featured properties. Furthermore, we offer Google PIN maps to show your properties locations. ResSoft can automate updates of properties to your own website.

Again, ResSoft becomes your Reservation Management system you can access from home, office, or anywhere with an internet connection.

Explain the online reservation process.
The online reservation process begins by ResSoft providing reservation buttons on Take5 as well as integration options for your own website. Prospective tenants would use the reservation process to search open dates, compute fees and place a secure online request. This process would capture all tenant data including addresses, email, phone numbers and credit card information over a secure connection. They must also agree to your reservation and cancellation policies. After completing the reservation process the tenant will be notified onscreen and via email of the successful request. They will ALSO BE NOTIFIED that you HAVE 24 to 48 hours to contact them and CONFIRM the reservation. The calendar will remain open until you confirm the reservation.

Now what happens with the online request?
You are also notified via email of the request. You can login to ResSoft to view the details of the request, call and qualify the tenant if you desire and process the card information with PayPal (ResSoft also offers a check-based solution). You can choose at this point to process the card and send a payment receipt or send out your rental agreement or lease for signature via email. Either way the tenant is notified of any action taken via email.
So I confirmed the request, where does my reservation go now?
ResSoft maintains a final confirmation list ordered by days till arrival. When the days till arrival # hits your 30 days out or 45 days out, whatever your setup..you would then process your final confirmation. This process sends out the final payment summary, detailed instructions, directions, lockbox codes if you desire, and other items you have setup for final confirmations. The final confirmation will also include aMap link of the property address(if you desire) in the body of the email.

Send thank you notes and follow up ratings request.
Now that your tenant has departed, ResSoft generates Thank You notes for you to send. Just add in customized notes for each tenant, then print them out or have them automatically emailed.

What other features does ResSoft offer?
ResSoft also offers features that cater to multi-property owners such as contact management, housekeeping management, earnings statements, and various reports.

What will this cost me?
Monthly service charges start at $24 a month inclusive of support. Contact ressoft@take5rentals.com.